The Gold Banded Box series

Book 1 – Folayan’s Promise

Belonging to the respected Kwantunyi family of 64 generations of traveling merchants, Folayan is born in 1785 and comes of age in Ghana, West Africa. She has a feisty, adventurous heart, but juxtaposed to her five older brothers, she must learn “girl things,” one of which she looks forward to, and that is being in love, in spite of the interference of her age mate, Afua, daughter of the chieftain’s least favorite wife. Nevertheless, Folayan prepares to be a diligent, prosperous Fanti woman, while struggling to protect her name which means “One who walks in dignity.”




Book 1 – Folayan’s Promise
Book 2 – Emily’s Lament
Book 3 – Secrets of Erin Lane
Book 4 – Moriah’s Hope
Book 5 – Dignity’s Dilemma